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Purchase high-quality designer eyeglasses from our eyeglasses store in Athens, Georgia. OneWay Eyeglasses helps you to see well and look stylish with our designer eyeglasses. We always try to keep your eye care as affordable and fashionable as possible. Contact us at (888) 418-1285 for more information about ordering your designer eyeglasses today.

Designer Eyeglasses
OneWay Eyeglasses offers a large variety of frames featuring the latest styles for you to show off your unique style while maintaining your vision. From thinner frames and lenses to metal frames, you'll be able to find the perfect match for your face at a price you can afford. We do not accept insurance, but we can help you get a reimbursement. Additionally, our prices are usually so low that, even without insurance, you'll be able to afford your choice easily. Great warranties are available for all of our specialty materials.
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Are you looking for a specific type of lens? OneWay Eyeglasses can help. We carry all of the latest and greatest lens enhancements that'll make wearing your eyeglasses as comfortable as possible. Polarized and anti-glare lenses are both available to cut down on the blinding qualities of the sun. We also have a good selection of safety glasses from WileyX™ and sunglasses, which are the same types of lenses used by the police and military. We also carry English Laundry™, Harvéy Benard™, Carlo Cappucci™, and Covergirl™. Adjustments and repairs are available free of charge to our customers.

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