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Receive eye exams and designer eyeglasses from our eyeglasses store in Athens, Georgia. Since 1991, OneWay Eyeglasses has been working hard to provide a wide range of eyeglass frames and packages for the people of Athens. Take your eye exam in the comfort of our state-of-the-art office or bring in any outside prescriptions you need filled. Contact us at (888) 418-1285 for more information about our remarkably low prices and excellent customer service.
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Eye Exams
OneWay Eyeglasses has an independent doctor that comes in every morning to provide eye exams for our customers. Our friendly doctor performs normal health evaluation eye exams to check for glaucoma as well as the general health of the eyes. With more than 50 years of experience, our doctor has the knowledge and skill to accurately diagnosis your eye condition. An eye exam costs just $55 and we'll dilate your eyes at no extra charge. In addition to these reasonably priced eye exams, you'll be able to fill your prescription right away in our eyeglasses store.

Call (888) 418-1285 today to schedule an appointment for an eye exam at our eyeglasses store.